Derby Probate

Longstanding Derby Solicitors , Mc Intosh Fleming , are here to help with your probate in a sensitive and compassionate way at a difficult time for your family.

Our fixed price of £600 for an estate under £300k offers you peace of mind about how much you will be charged.  And we will do all the probate work for you and we do not expect you to fill in any of the forms.

We will not charge you a percentage of the value of the estate , nor will our charges be open ended as they would be if  , like some other solicitors ,they were based on the time we spent dealing with the probate.

Our philosophy is charging a reasonable price for the amount of the work involved and this is possible for us as we have low overheads and do not pay VAT.

Contact friendly probate solicitor Gary Dickie by e-mailing  or ring us on 01332 518135 .