Road Traffic Accidents


What Should I do first following a road traffic accident?

Obtain impartial Legal Advice :Even if you consider the claim is simple, the safest approach is to obtain impartial legal advice to guarantee that you get the maximum compensation as quickly as possible.  This is paramount if you have a major injury or are prevented from returning to work. Insurers will use every opportunity to buy your claim off as cheaply as they can but when you settle your claim they will make sure it is a “full and final settlement” meaning you will not be able to ask for more compensation if you later realise your injury was more serious than you thought and they under compensated you. Solicitors are experts in getting the most compensation out of an insurer. Also if they get it wrong they carry professional indemnity insurance; but if you get it wrong it is your tough luck!

Notify your Insurer

If you delay notifying your insurer of an accident this could be a breach of your cover so it is best to do so as soon as reasonably practical after any accident.

Retain written evidence -notes of expenses, receipts, medical information, and diary entries

Retain records of any losses you sustain due to the accident supported with written invoices or other documentary evidence. Keep a diary of your injury symptoms and the restrictions these have on your daily life e.g. your mobility; levels of pain; dates you started and finished medical treatment; affect on hobbies and work etc.

Consult your G.P or attend hospital if Injured

Obtaining medical treatment may not only be essential for your health and recovery but it also will generate documentary evidence useful to a court in establishing a chronology of your injury, treatment and the impact to your life of the injury. Also make a record of who you see and ensure they note your injury in your records. It is inadvisable however to mention any legal claim to your doctor as this may give the wrong impression.

Why instruct us?

Unlike most solicitors we do not pay referral fees and therefore are independent from claims management companies or insurers. You can be assured of both a professional service and expert advice.

What will it Cost?

In relation to your legal costs we will advise you fully on your funding options and quite often you will not have to pay anything at all. We can offer a free initial consultation and advise you on how to proceed. We are willing to act on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. It is important however, to check if you r legal expenses are covered under an existing policy of motor or household insurance as if they are then this will indemnify you against our fees.