Derby compromise agreement Derby compromise agreement solicitors

, Mc Intosh Fleming, will offer you independent legal advice to ensure that any agreement you sign is drafted so that  it adequately compensates you for your loss of employment rights. It is mandatory that you have received independent legal advice from a qualified lawyer (or) a ‘relevant independent adviser’ (as defined by the Employment Rights Act 1996 Section 203)] as to the terms and effect of the Compromise Agreement and in particular its effect on your ability to pursue your rights before an employment tribunal. The name of our qualified lawyer who will so advise you is Gary Dickie of Mc Intosh Fleming Solicitors , who has decades of employment law experience. He holds the mandatory contract of insurance provided for members of  the legal profession  covering the risk of a claim by an employee  in respect of loss arising in consequence of that advice. However he has never had to make any such claim and will offer you expert advice at a reasonable price paid by your employer. Read more about a Derby compromise agreement