We are quite simply one of the most experienced solicitors in the East Midlands when it comes to protecting your employment rights and giving  expert legal advice.

We specialize in compromise agreements where your employer pays our charges.

Apart from this our charges are only £300 per hour.

When a “face does not fit” many employers try and intimidate the employee into giving up contractual or statutory employment rights by threatening them with disciplinary proceedings, manipulating grievance procedures or just plain bullying. They hope the employee will not take timely legal advice and will resign without seeking compensation.

If this is happening to you then it is essential that you take urgent legal advice about your employment rights before resigning. We can advise you at the earliest stages of a dispute and on how to respond to each stage of any disciplinary or grievance procedure in a way that preserves your employment rights. After all the chances are your employer already has a lawyer advising him behind the scenes on how to get rid of you so should n’t you try and even your chances by getting your own advice? We are sympathetic and understand that employers in this situation make things up.

Bullying can happen in any badly managed organisation from the smallest partnership to the biggest plc.  It can happen  to qualified professionals as well as the junior apprentices. So it is nothing to be embarrassed about and in fact rather than being afraid to take on an employer often lodging an employment claim may be the only way you can ensure a reference and proper compensation.

We are not afraid to take on bullying employers and understand all the tricks they can use when they want to defeat your employment rights.

We have a proven track record in winning employment claims even against the most experienced of employment lawyers in the region.

Do not entrust your rights to a lawyer who does not understand your situation.

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