Faulty or Poor services


Faulty or poor Services

When you buy a service it must be supplied:

  • with reasonable care and skill – the service should be carried out to a good standard
  • at a reasonable cost – if no price is specified
  • within a reasonable time – if no time period is specified

If the trader can’t fix the fault or refuses to fix it, pay them for the value of the work they’ve done and hire someone else. You can ask the trader to:

  • refund the cost of someone else fixing the fault
  • pay extra costs as a result of the fault e.g. if poor plumbing damages carpets

You may have to go to court to get this money from the trader

If there are serious problems, for example with all the work done you could refuse to pay the trader. You will need to get legal advice to make sure you have the right to do this.

Cooling-off period – your right to change your mind

Provided you have not ordered a service to be rendered immediately you usually have 7 working days to cancel your order and get all your money back if it was ordered:

  • on-line
  • over the telephone
  • by mail order
  • on your doorstep

Unfair terms in contracts

You may be asked to sign a contract for the service you buy. It is illegal for any terms in the contract to unfairly favour the trader (eg trying to exclude liability for personal injury).

Even if a term is unfair, you should get legal advice before you break the terms of a contract.

If you’ve paid by a credit cardand the service costs more than £100, you may have additional rights to a refund.

If you paid for something costing between £100 and £30,000 using a credit card or credit agreement, you can make a claim from your finance company.

Also if you’ve paid using Visa, MasterCard or Maestro, you may be able to claim your money back through their ‘chargeback’ scheme. This will cover you if there’s a problem with the service or the business has stopped trading. You will need to contact the card company to make a claim.