Registering a death


Registering a death

Registering a death is carried out by a relative and takes place prior to the funeral. You will need to arrange an appointment with the Registrar.

The Registrar will require the following information about the deceased:

  1. Full name
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Occupation
  4. Home address
  5. Date and place of death
  6. If they were in receipt of a pension or allowance from public funds
  7. The date of birth of any surviving spouse

The Registrar will also require the following documents:

  1. Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
  2. Deceased’s Birth Certificate
  3. Deceased’s Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  4. Deceased’s NHS medical card (if available)

The Registrar may issue a green certificate for burial or cremation which is required by the undertakers prior to the funeral. Certified copies of the entry of death can be obtained for a small charge – these may be needed for legal or financial purposes.

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