What service do I get? – Derby Solicitors


What service should I expect?

We believe that our duty is not just to deliver the best legal advice at the lowest price but also to take as much stress out of the process as we can. Your situation has been stressful enough without lots of meetings with expensive lawyers. So we will:

  • take instructions by telephone avoiding the cost of formal meetings
  • provide access to your lawyer by email and direct dial telephone as the divorce proceeds
  • explain everything in plain English
  • take care of all the divorce paperwork so you don’t have to
  • ensure you get advice from an experienced divorce and family lawyer


What happens after you instruct us?

We obtain all the relevant details from you, correspond with the other parties involved (your spouse and their solicitor, if appropriate) and prepare and file all the relevant papers with the Court to obtain a divorce.

You will be provided with email, direct dial and mobile telephone contact numbers for your lawyer so that you can easily provide this information and your instructions without the expense and stress of formal appointments.

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